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FID (Flexible Instructional Day) / Asynchronous Day and Teachers
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During the school year, certain school days may be designated as FID or Asynchronous. On these days, the attendance process is different for both teachers and students. Students are responsible for marking themselves present for the day. Teachers will not be taking homeroom or period attendance on these days.


All teachers need to take the following steps on these days:


1. Make sure the student FID attendance instructions are linked on your Canvas page.


2. Remind all of your students to log into the Focus Student Portal and complete their attendance check-in. Students use their same username and password they use for Canvas, Gmail, Google Meet, etc...



Note for elementary teachers: If any of your students forget their usernames or passwords, please reference the shared spreadsheets below to find this information.


Baker Students

Streams Students

Eisenhower Students



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