Month: November 2015

Week 9

We had a meeting on Wednesday before break to discuss plans for putting together the SMARTDesk “Desk”. I think it is coming together fairly well, and (hopefully) we will be able to present our plan and get started right away. There were some concerns about how long each portion of building the desk would take, particularly with sanding the surfaces and staining them. We were able to sort it out, however, and I believe that with most or all of the SMARTDesk people in attendance, we should be able to get through all of the staining in week or two… the meeting helped play a big role in meeting ISTE’s standard on critical thinking and problem solving this week.
There weren’t as many walk-ups this week, but there were a number of issues with Promethean boards and a few issues with using Airplay. Thankfully, the Promethean board issues were just caused by general use of the board and weren’t anything too concerning.
I’ve been hoping to bring back the after-school tech sessions that Michael used to host. Maybe I will bring it up at the next meeting, I would love to have them back again after the Desk project is all completed.

Week 9 blog

This was a pretty straightforward week with Thanksgiving coming right around the corner. I helped out one of my teachers learning how to use Refletor, and some tricks with the Promethean boards. At the end of the week, I figured out my Partition table was broken on my laptop, so i had tyo copy the entire 193GB of my hard drive over to a backup drive, the format my SSD and re-install OS X. Sucessfully, I was able to fix it, and restore all of my files from the backup drive, with Tyler’s help. I used most of the ISTE Standards this week.

Week 10

Helpdesk this week was empty for the most part, but we still managed to get a lot done before the break. For example, the issues with logging into accounts were looked into and solved in the testing that we did over the last week. The ISTE standards apply to this work and other things that we have done over last week. Hope everyone has a good Thanksgiving!

Week 9?

This past week I’ve been working largely on the smart desk presentation. We are working to get a finalized version to be able to present to Dr. Angelo and Dr. Rozzo. I’ve also spoken with Mr. Stryone and Mr. Wilson about the timeline of our project. Help desk has been desolate this past week, but I have worked on a few tickets. Overall, its been a slow (but still productive) week.


Please remember that instead of your blog this week, you are required to work on your assignment for the SMART Desk “Desk” Presentation. Assignments are on an outline on the second slide, I also sent out an email with an attached powerpoint that you can pull bullet points/pictures from. Email me with any questions or concerns. Thanks!

Week 8?

This week was a pretty swell week smart desk wise. The amount of help needed by teachers went down a little bit, which was a relief. However, tasks still need to be completed. Hopefully the new desk will be ready by holiday break. I just can’t wait to move to a new space. I have a couple projects in mind that I might bring up at the next meeting as well. This week I think I have fulfilled pretty much every ITSE standard. Because of this, I think the week went pretty well.

Week 8 Post

This week there was not too much that went on, but there was a pen issue with the board in 104-C and I got that fixed. Other than that, there wasn’t anything big that went on. In my free time, I am making a list of parts for a high-performance PC I want to build. So far, so good, just the price is a little higher than I expected. I used mostly all ISTE standards this week.

Week 8 Blog

This week has closely resembled last week in that tickets were pretty slow. Without many tickets to work on, I have been able to get a lot done with new software for the music department. Some other things I have been able to work on are: troubleshooting the login issues that some students have been having, changing up the way that folder aliases are made when students and staff log into their laptops, and deploying a fix for some of the wifi issues that we have been having. Overall, I think I have met the ISTE standards and hope that I can get just as much done this coming week.