Month: December 2015

Week 12

Yesterday, Mike, Tyler, and I presented to the superintendents our proposal to build the SMART Desk “Desk”. Luckily, our presentation went really well and we were able to get all of our funding approved. I’m looking forward to working on the desk in the upcoming 2nd semester. The entire presentation played into ISTE’s standard on communication and collaboration.
There have been a few tickets and a few other issues regarding laptops this week, but otherwise it has been quiet. There were also some problems with the copiers in the Copy Room and in Social Studies Planning; the rep from Amcom was here yesterday, so hopefully the printers will get serviced soon after the holidays.

Wrap up weeks 10-12

Over the past weeks mostly I hve been helping people that walk up to the desk or when I was in class and I helped my teachers. Also, I made a guide on how to print to Secure- still needs touching up, but for now its looking good. I did get a new MacBook Pro since the old one I had was very slow. Just yesterday I replaced a HD in a laptop, and I helped run AST on the COM-A laptops a week or so ago. Thats pretty much all that’s been happening the past weeks… And now it’s the Holidays! Woot! I used all ISTE Standards these past weeks. Happy Holidays!

Week 11

This week we have been preparing for the SMART Desk “Desk” presentation on Tuesday the 22nd. We’ve made a pretty nice presentation, and after the practice session this morning I am hopeful that things will go well (but I am still nervous!) I really believe in this project, especially since it covers so many of the standards we set for ourselves based off of ISTE, including creativity and innovation and critical thinking and problem solving.
There hasn’t been too much going on this week in the way of tickets, but there have been some issues with the copiers in Social Studies and in the Copy Room, as always. I personally would not get too relaxed, though, as I’m sure after winter break there will be plenty of things to work on.

Week 12

Wow, week 12 already… Time sure does go fast. Helpdesk has had a few more tickets in it this week, so that was a little bit of a change from weeks past. I worked on a few of those tickets along with doing final preparations on the new COM-A computer cart for the commons. Also, I have finished Observer 4.1 for administrators to utilize for an easier experience filling out the Form 7 for teacher observations. Observer 4.0 brought some big changes in terms of saving data and 4.1 continues to improve on the UX (user experience) by adding largely requested features such as editable reports and new, updated, and streamlined experiences for users. The code behind Observer has also been updated to the latest conventions (they seem like they change every day!) for a better functioning app on newer devices. Overall, I think that I have been able to meet the ISTE standards this week in everything that I have been working on. Hope your weekends go well.

Week 11

For this week, I continued my work on my Fab Academy Course final project. I actually went to work designing the arm and mechanisms on the computer. I will use the Laser cutter to cut out the arm segments and upper wall attachment. I will 3d print the joints and door attachment. I was able to print the 3d printed segments and replace the cardboard ones.

An Image of the Arm with 3D parts substituted

After that, I tested the servo in the system to make sure that the system is functioning correctly, which required a little help from the Arduino. Once again, because this week required all the skills smart desk has allowed me to learn over the years, I have completed all of the ITSE standards.

Week 10

For week 10, I worked on finishing my Fab Academy Course. I made a lot of progress on the final project. I decided against my previous idea of using the a molded boat from a previous week. Instead, I will make a robotically controlled system to open and close my closet doors. I created a model out of cardboard to figure out the correct dimensions and methods of action. The device will use circuit controlled servo motors to actuate a double jointed arm. I think this week’s work falls under all of the ISTE standards because it requires and understanding of pretty much every aspect of computer-related ideas.

Week 9

Week 9 was a week of hard work. As far as the work I did that pertained to Smart Desk, I began planning on how exactly to finish my Fab Academy course, so that I can become an officially certified fab lab guru. To complete the course, I needed to do a couple things:

  1. complete my final project (This need to utilize everything we learned over the course)
  2. design and build a manufacturing machine
  3. write up descriptions and explanations for all weeks of the course

Now that I have this plan, I can work towards it in the coming weeks.

Week 11 Blog

This week has been slow, just like most other weeks. Even though helpdesk has been slow, I have been working on and setting up a new laptop cart for the commons. Also, since we didn’t get a chance to have a meeting this week, not all of the group was informed of the date of the meeting in front of the school board regarding the new desk. I am hoping that someone brings this up during the meeting this week. I think that the ISTE standards apply to theorizing about the new desk and setting up the new laptop cart.

Week 11

Most of my Smart Desk energy has been directed towards the smart desk presentation we will be going over Wednesday at our meeting. We made a few small changes and notes for talking points. This meets the ISTE standard for creativity and innovation. I will go over the presentation further in our meeting.

Week 10 … or 11?

I am currently working on a cart locator feature for the reservation system, which will show the last known location of a cart based on the current time. It will be accessible with/without logging in to the actual system, which will make the process tons easier. I should have it completed by the end of this week (Friday), and we can start testing and possibly roll it out to the entire staff before winter break. As for documentation, I believe that it should be user-friendly enough so that detailed tutorials won’t be necessary. However, if teachers have any questions, I can definitely provide a short video explaining the tool.  ISTE Standards Used: I believe all


Additionally, I have been thinking about the club directory application, and perhaps an even bigger idea: an in-house learning management system. This idea is definitely far-fetched and probably won’t be possible until I graduate, but what if the SMART Desk designed their own form of Blackboard, but stripped down to the essential features teachers and students need, like accessing documents, links, and other resources. However, the system integrates with all other educational services, including blogging/journal platforms, socrative/kahoot, remind 101, clubs, and even MMS (grading and attendance). Obviously the cons of the system would be getting a 24/7 support team (like Blackboard), and whether or not it’s even necessary. Either way, it’s food for thought.


P.S. I believe this is the first lengthy blog post I have written. Kudos to me.