Month: January 2016

Week 14

I have been working away on a few tickets in help desk. I was also invited to Google for the 10th anniversary celebration. It was really fun. I had a great time and met some really interesting people. I also have been volunteering a lot at Computer Reach since we got a donation of a large number of computers and printers. I think that I have met the ISTE standards this week.

Blog Week 13

Some of my teachers wondered how to make the screen on the projectors bigger, and I helped them figure out how the display mirroring settings worked. Also helped a few students with google docs features. One of the times, they needed to install en extension and I helped them with that. Otherwise, this week has been normal. A few walk ups about the laptops and or iMacs in the library, but other than that, normal. I used most ISTE standards this week.

S 2/ Week 1 Jan 25th

Im really excited about being a part of smart desk and working with everyone on a few projects. I have been somewhat assisting with a new logo for the smart desk (with help from Tyler and kind of Nick). Im hoping to start a project with the help of Ray Berrot, soon. Also going to be contacting Mr. Wilson, since he has connections with the Fort couch middle school “tech team” and creating a way to help them transition to the high school smart desk.

This week I did not have any serious technological issues to fix other than a glitch in my laptops battery causing it to run slower than the schools library desktops, haha. I hate macs. Also a home printer network error, fixed simply by restarting.

Sorry I missed the meeting on Friday.

S2/Week 1 (1/19-1/23)

This week was the first week of the second semester. At the end of the first semester, the stress was overtaking me so I took a spiritual vacation. Now that I am back from my vacation, fresh as ever, I can begin to work on this semester’s load of interesting projects and ticket fixes. Although I did not complete any tickets this week, we had a meeting. It was the first meeting I had attended in possibly two months, and I am glad that I am back. We discussed the future of SMART desk, and talked about what is coming up soon. 

Man am I excited. Looking forward to a good semester.

( I guess I completed all of the sections of the standards as well.)

S 2/Week 1 Jan 25 2016

This week we’ve had about the same number of tickets as we usually do, except for the project for Mr. Petrick (which I will check up on next week) and a couple of laptop issues that we’re still tracking down.
At the meeting on Friday we talked about a conference that we as a group would to go to and present about our class/program curriculum. I’ve taken a look at it, and I’m excited to be able to use the ISTE standards to make a good presentation… but also to have the opportunity to expand SMART Desk to school districts beyond our own :)

End of the Semester

Overall, I’d say that this semester went fairly smoothly. Due to finals, not to much got done last week, except the exploration of some equipment for the science department. I am excited to announce we will be continuing on with the desk at our meeting coming up later this week. Materials need to be ordered, production schedule needs to be set, and then we have to get onto the work. I look forward to moving forward on this project, and hope to be done in roughly 2 months.

Wrap Up

I am excited about the new desk at the front of the library. Currently, I am working on updating the reservation system with showing two previous reservations in the resource locator (which can also be viewed using the normal day view, but *cough* *cough* inconvenience *cough* *cough* laziness?) Should be done soon…(like Feb.)

In terms of outside SMART Desk work, I have helped set up the STEAM Outreach Club EXTEND Seminar event, which will happen on Feb. 5. We sent out in-school field trip permission slips to all the science curriculum teachers, so hopefully people sign up. I am also currently conducting research on bioinformatics and cancer immunology with a professor at UPCI.


ISTE Standards: I believe all?



1st Semester Wrap-Up

The last few weeks after break I’ve busied myself with Finals and with an influx of tickets that came in after school started. There have been the usual problems with the school’s printers, but we’ve also been noticing some recurring issues with the laptops: in one case, they occasionally lose their WiFi profiles and are unable to connect to the internet, in another case Finder (or some other application?) does not close correctly when logging out, so the computer becomes frozen. We’re still looking into the root cause of the issues… which would fall under “critical thinking, problem solving, and decision making” in ISTE.

The first semester overall I think went pretty well. We’ve been able to clarify more the goals & expectations of SMART Desk, and we’ve made big strides in expanding to both students and teachers as well as making ourselves more known. Looking forward, we will definitely need to continue reaching out and letting people know we exist (having the desk built will help!) Finally, both we as a group and myself personally have been able to help both teachers and staff alike on larger projects eg. the reservations system, the peer tutoring website, expanding our own website with help pages and blog posts, and recently a Google Forms implementation that I’ve taken up with a teacher here. All of this falls under the ISTE standards like creativity and innovation, communication and collaboration, and technology operations and concepts.

Hopefully now that Finals have ended, we will be able to get started soon on building the physical desk now that it has been approved. We’ll probably talk about it on the meeting next Wednesday (1/20). I’m looking forward to the second semester, too, and then being able to work here again over the summer.