Month: February 2016

Week 6

This past week was tech week for the musical. As a result, I have been at the high school a lot and do not have much time to complete other school work. I have taken my smart desk time to do this work so that I can stay on top of my academics during this busy time. I intend to do the same this week as it is dress rehearsal week. Have a nice week!

Week 4 and 5.

These two weeks have been slightly confusing because of the five day weekend but I was still able to work on my project for the fort couch students. We were unable to get to the 8th graders before they scheduled but, we are still going to go in and talk to any of the interested students. We will let them know that they can talk to their consolers about adding smart desk to their schedule if they want to as well.

ISTE standards complete.

Smart Desk Post #5 (Feb 17-19)

Because of the weather conditions, this week was also a three day week. Once again, not much usually gets done in three school days. Even so, I met with Mr. Beck to figure out when Kevin and I will plan for the Conference Presentation at the AIU. Additionally, I worked on the wireless setup for my Fab Academy Certification project. I feel like I have fulfilled all of the standards for this week.

Smart Desk Blog #4 (Feb 8-10)

I had a giant trip this week so I had to skip Thursday’s day of school. Because of this absence, this week and the week after it ended up both being 3 days long. Not too much can be accomplished in 3 days, but this week, I feel like I was able to get some stuff done. For instance, over the weekend, I worked on my Fab Academy certification project (I added some updated parts to the extender arm). Otherwise, it was a pretty quiet week.

For some reason, the printers were taking an hour to print through papercut. I do not know what caused this, but it was very annoying and it seems to have been resolved.

Week 5 Semester 2

Last week was quiet like many other weeks, and we mostly dealt with the usual subjects for tickets. We have gotten a few new tickets straight  from students, so people actually do know how to contact us and where to find our website. These things are part of the ISTE standards for communication and collaboration, so it’s great that we are here to help people and students directly.

With this in mind, I think that I have met the ISTE standards this week.

Week 5

This past week has been quite slow. There haven’t been many tickets, however, I have replaced a few promethean pens. I have been working a lot with the musical as we come into tech rehearsal week starting on the 22nd. Help desk will probably pick back up closer to spring break, but for now, the break has been a good way to catch up on school work and musical work during the day.

Semester 2, Week 4

This week has been just like many other weeks, ticket wise. We have gotten a slow influx of tickets, some that needed worked on, some that self-resolved, etc. A recurring theme, just like always, is Promethean pen replacements. Unfortunately, they were back ordered for most of this week, but they did end up getting here on Friday.

I have not done much technology related stuff outside of school since I have an SAT on this coming Saturday, the 20th. I still do think that the ISTE standards apply to the work that I did over the last week with SMART Desk, though.

S 2/Week 4 17 Feb 2016

Last week was rather quiet, and I took the opportunity to relax a little bit and explore some of the topics that interested me. I looked into the printing system that we used as well as the printers themselves, and I also read about Amazon’s cloud service, AWS, and how people are using the cloud to keep their data backed up and secure. I focused mainly on the ISTE standards for research information and fluency and technology operations and concepts this week.

Week 4

Over the past few days, I have created an Amazon wishlist that can be used in order to make the amazon purchases so we can continue on the process of creating the desk. Mr. Stroyne needs these materials early to confirm measurements on them so they fit as desired. Acquiring materials is the main hold up at this point.

I’ve also been working on various tickets assisting teachers. A main problem recently has been a lack of promethean pens since they were back ordered. Luckily, they came in this week.