Month: March 2016

Semester 2, Week 8

Now that we all have some more free time, let’s get going on tickets!

Oh, wait. There are none!

Oh well, this lack of tickets gives us a chance to prepare for the AIU conference at the end of March. We are getting ready to present the SMART Desk idea to educators from around Allegheny County. The presentation will cover SMART Desk, what we are, what we do, who we help, what projects we do, and other things about SMART Desk. I will be presenting on the “who we are” and “what we do” parts.

The wood to build the SMART Desk “Desk” has finally arrived ( :) ) and is waiting for us to make it into a desk, so that will be great when it is finished!

S2 Week 8 (17 March 2016)

Now that the Musical has ended this week we have been preparing for the Allegheny Intermediate Unit conference on March 31st. The date is coming up fast, so we have been using the standards for creativity and innovation and for communication and collaboration in order to put together an effective presentation showcasing what we’ve done & accomplished so far in the SMART Desk.
In other news, Mike let me know that the wood for the physical SMART Desk arrived in the shop today, and with any luck we will have the other items needed before Spring Break, so that we can start work on the desk immediately after we get back from the conference. I am super excited for this and am looking forward to finally having a place to sit that we can call our own.

Week 8

Ready for spring break. I am finally done with musical, so i am working on getting everything back on track. I have been focusing on what i am going to say at the convention, hoping to provide a clear idea of what i do. After spring break i will be implementing some of my ideas into the team to finally get something moving.

ISTE standards complete.

Week 7

This last week has been better with help desk, more tickets, more traffic to the desk, etc. I think that the increase in traffic is very good, and I think that we may be getting more people for 1:1 support. I have helped with many things this week, and I think that I have met the ISTE standards with helping out on tickets, solving issues with laptops, etc. This week has been very good for the SMART Desk, and I hope we continue to improve our traffic to the desk.

Week 7

This week I have continued my Smart Desk siesta for the musical. I have been using my smart desk time to keep up with school work that otherwise would be hard for me to complete due to musical. I have, however, helped a few people via help desk and in passing. I did add one item to the agenda for our next meeting: transportation to our conference.

March 7th

I apologizing for not knowing what week it is, i think it is 7 though. I am very excited to be presented at the convention on the 31st, even though i have not been a part of the team for long. I think this will be a great opportunity and hope it goes well. At the latest meeting we discussed options for recruiting which for me was very helpful because i have started planning new ways for that. Hopefully i will be able to present that soon.

ISTE standards completed.

S2 Weeks 5, 6, and 7 (7 March 2016)

For the past couple weeks, I have been spending most of of time working on the technical aspects of the high school’s production of the spring musical, White Christmas. During production, I’ve been using the theater’s sound and lighting systems to help bring the stage to life. This year, the theater rented a new lighting console in order to better control the theater’s lighting systems. The ETC Ion is a powerful tool that required me to use ISTE’s standards for technology operations and concepts as well as critical thinking, problem solving, and decision making throughout the lighting design process. Overall, I am glad that I was able to work with this equipment, and I am excited that technical theater is getting more and more technologically advanced as time goes on. With any luck, we will be able to have the lighting console permanently in the theater… but for now, it’s just wishful thinking!

From the help desk side of SMART Desk, things have been relatively quiet. I have received a few questions from people in classes or whom I pass in the hallways, but otherwise there has not been much going on. I’ve spent some of that free time with ISTE’s standard on research and information fluency and keeping myself up-to-date with whatever’s going on in the world of tech.

Smart Desk Week 7 (Feb 29 – Mar 4)

This week, as far as tickets and walk-ups go, was very slow in a similar way to last week. Yet, we did have a meeting, and, in fact, I had two meetings. For the first one, I met with Kevin, Mr. Beck, and Mr. Wilson to discuss the conference where all of the members of SMART desk will be presenting. We discussed what Kevin and I wanted to have in the presentation, and we discussed the themes on which to focus the slides. In the second meeting, we discussed current events of SMART desk including the new acronym, the new logo progress, and the upcoming conference. As far as walk-ups go, I did experience a couple, and most of the walk-ups were focused on printing problems. I feel like more people are starting to learn the paper-cut printing system so that they do not have to rely on the slow library computers, which they currently use to print their documents. All standards = met. Have a nice weekend!