Month: April 2016

Week #11 (or 11.5 or 12)

This week, I provided some feedback for the iPad/Securely testing. One point I highlighted was the importance of telling students what information can be tracked, especially for the one-on-one iPads. I value privacy, so if I know what is tracked, I won’t be linking my iMessages to the iPad.

Still working on getting a prototype of a possible implementation of the PLC meeting tracking mechanism on Google Forms.

Also, I strongly dislike AP testing week.

Week 11

Unfortunatly, I was unable to make the meeting today due to a test, hopefully did not miss anything too important. As always, just trying to work on a date to get to fort couch and talk to the seventh graders about smart desk. As for the high school, I have more ideas to run by the team next meeting.

S2 Week 10 & 11 (25 April 2016)

The past two weeks we have been preparing finally to get started with assembling the physical desk. Recently they have been working in the wood shop to cut the plywood boards to shape & length. We are also waiting on a small shipment from Amazon to make the desk really look unique.
Moreover I’ve been helping the Technology Department test a new cloud filter called Securly that they would like to use on the district’s iPads. We’ve thoroughly used ISTE’s standards on problem solving and innovation in order to spot & diagnose a few issues, but overall I think that it’s a definite improvement over the old system.

Probably Week 11

I attended a few meetings last week in regards to the desk production. Maintenance will wire the outlets and Ethernet soon. Mr. Stroyne and Mr. Peskorski began cutting wood on Saturday and we are on track to stain and finish staining by the end of this week. Two coats will be needed, and hopefully we can get some students to help out. A polyurethane coat will need to be applied, but that will happen later as it requires the shop to be unoccupied.

Sem 2: Combined 9,10,11

Not much has occurred recently in terms of SMART Desk. The AIU conference was cancelled, and I am still working on possibly better tracking mechanism for the PLC meetings. I have a meeting with Dr. Wagner, Mr. Wilson, and Mr. Beck on Friday to follow up our previous discussion about possible solutions to this problem. The reservation system and tutoring tracking system have held up well to users this year, so hopefully only minor changes and functionality improvements will be needed in the coming year.

Smart Desk Weeks 8, 9 and 10 (March 14-April 8)

I was diagnosed with mononucleosis on Tuesday, March 15th. Spring break was from Monday, March 21st to Monday, March 28th. I did not really attend school due to the mono until the middle of the week of April 4th. Therefore, I did not do SMART Desk activities until the week after that week. Expect a blog for next week. I am slowly recovering.

Have a nice week! Alex.

week 11

My plans for recruiting students are basically what have been discussed. We should hang some signs in the hall ways, offer a meeting during and/or after school for anyone interested and see what happens. As for the fort couch students i want to go in and have a meeting for 7th and 8th grade so that they understand in advance that this is technically a class. As for it being a “class” we really need to stress that and make that know. Also, their was debate about making this more like a club , which i think could be a good idea in addition to the class.

ISTE standards complete.

Week.. 10?

I’m not sure what week we are on, and I’ve been catching up since I came back from my trip. Just need to take a test and I’ll be good. Mostly been helping with In-class stuff, like Inpire freezing, etc. I think I may have found a 9th grader who is interested in coming to the desk; we are still talking about it. If he’s intersted I’ll bring him down to the office at some point. Other than that, ot much has been going on.

Smart Desk desk

This past week I have been working to coordinate the assembly process of the desk. We have had many meetings and are on track to have all pieces cut and stained by late next week. Additionally, all parts are in. We do need to take some measurements again so that the pieces can be cut/routed correctly. I have another meeting with maintenance Thursday morning to coordinate the outlets that need to be installed. This project is really starting to take off now that all of the materials have been acquired.

Week 11?

This week, I noticed that there were just a few more tickets in helpdesk, which is either a good or a bad thing. It seemed to be a good thing, though, as it gave us a little bit more to do. It still was a slow week in general though. This doesn’t mean that I got nothing done, however. One thing that got finished was an update to Observer, the district teacher observation app that allows administrators to fill out a district observation form. This update adds some new features, and I think many people will like them. They include editable reports, functionality improvements, etc.

I think that I have met the ISTE standards this week, and I hope next week is good.