Month: May 2016

Week 12

Not much has happened in terms of SMART Desk recently. I was accepted into the UPCI Summer Academy, so I will be working on a biomedical informatics research project this summer. Overall, pretty calm last couple of weeks.

S2 Week 12 (12 May 2016)

This week we are hoping to continue work on the new desk. At the moment, it is in the shop awaiting further cuts and a lot of sanding down from the students in shop classes. Mike is basically heading up that aspect of the desk-building as he takes a couple engineering classes himself.
The wiring for the desk has mostly been completed, and I’m super excited to finally move into the desk once it’s assembled. The other thing I’m looking forward to is working on new upgrades to the school’s WiFi and central switching systems; we are hopefully replacing our core switch and are definitely adding a ton of new WiFi access points to the building. This project would allow me to expand my knowledge in ISTE’s standard on technology operations and concepts, so I am looking forward to that aspect of the project as well.

Week 11 & 12

These last two weeks have been filled with testing. I have tested the Securly web filter system, and that testing has been, I believe, beneficial to the effort of figuring out the pros and cons of Securly. The other system I have been testing is a package that allows staff computers to seamlessly update their laptops to the latest version of OS X, which is OS X El Capitan. I have been working to provide updates to other applications at the same time in the same seamless manner. The other applications I am trying to update are Microsoft Office (2011 –> 2016), ActivDriver (15.11.7 –> 15.12.7), and the general look and feel of the USCSD computers by adding a new background to the login screen and other visual and functionality improvements. Hopefully, this update system will be available to staff by the middle to end of May. The only other testing I did over these last two weeks was the AP Computer Science test, which went very well I think.

Overall, these last weeks has been full of testing, and that is a good thing.