Author: Michael Debski

Probably Week 11

I attended a few meetings last week in regards to the desk production. Maintenance will wire the outlets and Ethernet soon. Mr. Stroyne and Mr. Peskorski began cutting wood on Saturday and we are on track to stain and finish staining by the end of this week. Two coats will be needed, and hopefully we can get some students to help out. A polyurethane coat will need to be applied, but that will happen later as it requires the shop to be unoccupied.

Smart Desk desk

This past week I have been working to coordinate the assembly process of the desk. We have had many meetings and are on track to have all pieces cut and stained by late next week. Additionally, all parts are in. We do need to take some measurements again so that the pieces can be cut/routed correctly. I have another meeting with maintenance Thursday morning to coordinate the outlets that need to be installed. This project is really starting to take off now that all of the materials have been acquired.

Last Week

This last week I have been working with Mr. Petrick and the Track and Field team to help with scoring meets. I have created multiple excel files that score themselves based on which team got which place in which event. We tested it out at an invitational on Saturday and it worked fairly well. I’ve also answered a few tickets but not many as ticket volume has been low. My work with the track team aligns with the “Creativity and Innovation” ISTE standard.

Week 7

This week I have continued my Smart Desk siesta for the musical. I have been using my smart desk time to keep up with school work that otherwise would be hard for me to complete due to musical. I have, however, helped a few people via help desk and in passing. I did add one item to the agenda for our next meeting: transportation to our conference.

Week 6

This past week was tech week for the musical. As a result, I have been at the high school a lot and do not have much time to complete other school work. I have taken my smart desk time to do this work so that I can stay on top of my academics during this busy time. I intend to do the same this week as it is dress rehearsal week. Have a nice week!

Week 5

This past week has been quite slow. There haven’t been many tickets, however, I have replaced a few promethean pens. I have been working a lot with the musical as we come into tech rehearsal week starting on the 22nd. Help desk will probably pick back up closer to spring break, but for now, the break has been a good way to catch up on school work and musical work during the day.

Week 4

Over the past few days, I have created an Amazon wishlist that can be used in order to make the amazon purchases so we can continue on the process of creating the desk. Mr. Stroyne needs these materials early to confirm measurements on them so they fit as desired. Acquiring materials is the main hold up at this point.

I’ve also been working on various tickets assisting teachers. A main problem recently has been a lack of promethean pens since they were back ordered. Luckily, they came in this week.

Week 3 Post

Over the course of the last week, I spoke with Mr. Stroyne about the desk purchase order. We are almost ready to get the wood. However, we need to purchase the supplies from amazon before we can begin so that we can get specific measurements so that the pieces fit. Hopefully we can push the purchase order through in the next week or two so that we can get started. I hope that once everything is purchased, we will be able to work quickly to complete this project. This work on the planning phase of the desk conforms with the “Communication and Collaboration” ISTE standard.

This Week: I’ve Lost Count

This past week I have been working mostly on tickets. There hasn’t been much out of the ordinary. We are still waiting on desk PO’s and cannot begin yet. Additionally, I have been working on the time lapse video for the musical this year. We have a camera running 24/7 in the theater and each week I take the footage and edit it down to only when musical things are happening. This applies the ISTE standard of “Creatively and Innovation” nicely.