Author: Rachel Demar

Week 11

Unfortunatly, I was unable to make the meeting today due to a test, hopefully did not miss anything too important. As always, just trying to work on a date to get to fort couch and talk to the seventh graders about smart desk. As for the high school, I have more ideas to run by the team next meeting.

week 11

My plans for recruiting students are basically what have been discussed. We should hang some signs in the hall ways, offer a meeting during and/or after school for anyone interested and see what happens. As for the fort couch students i want to go in and have a meeting for 7th and 8th grade so that they understand in advance that this is technically a class. As for it being a “class” we really need to stress that and make that know. Also, their was debate about making this more like a club , which i think could be a good idea in addition to the class.

ISTE standards complete.

Week 10

Sorry for the lack of posting, the break messed me up and i am swamped with college stuff, so stressful but so exciting:) I plan to get back to work on recruiting once everything is reestablished at the next meeting. For now I have been thinking of new ways to get it going and there is just not much to do at this point. Hopefully we can all collaborate on a good plan.

Week 8

Ready for spring break. I am finally done with musical, so i am working on getting everything back on track. I have been focusing on what i am going to say at the convention, hoping to provide a clear idea of what i do. After spring break i will be implementing some of my ideas into the team to finally get something moving.

ISTE standards complete.

March 7th

I apologizing for not knowing what week it is, i think it is 7 though. I am very excited to be presented at the convention on the 31st, even though i have not been a part of the team for long. I think this will be a great opportunity and hope it goes well. At the latest meeting we discussed options for recruiting which for me was very helpful because i have started planning new ways for that. Hopefully i will be able to present that soon.

ISTE standards completed.

Week 6

Week 6 was very slow. Not much for me to do considering i am not capable of helping with the difficult tickets, as i wish i could. Still continuing to develop new ideas for gathering new smart deskers, which i must add is not an easy task. The process is slow due to muscial consuming my life. Hope to get a move on that more in a week or so.

ISTE Standards complete.

Week 4 and 5.

These two weeks have been slightly confusing because of the five day weekend but I was still able to work on my project for the fort couch students. We were unable to get to the 8th graders before they scheduled but, we are still going to go in and talk to any of the interested students. We will let them know that they can talk to their consolers about adding smart desk to their schedule if they want to as well.

ISTE standards complete.

Week of Feb 5th

This week was good for planning and exposing new ideas to the team and to mr. wilson. I have been in contact with him recently about going to fort couch to talk to some students and some of the guys will be helping this coming Friday with the tech team at fort couch. I am setting up a date to go and tell classes about the smart desk and see who all is interested. It should be fun and i hope a lot of talented students are willing to participate in smart desk in high school.

ISTE standards met for the week.

Post for the last week in January

This week was pretty relaxed. I started efforts to transitioning the upcoming smart desk-res and hope that the project will take off fully soon. It is a lot of communication and planning, though. In the mean time i am trying to create standards for the upcoming students so that the smart desk stays professional and knowledgable. I will be communicated with some other people about what the parameters should be for these standards and hopefully i will be able to get a few more girls on smart desk for the upcoming years.

I met the ISTE standards for this week.

S 2/ Week 1 Jan 25th

Im really excited about being a part of smart desk and working with everyone on a few projects. I have been somewhat assisting with a new logo for the smart desk (with help from Tyler and kind of Nick). Im hoping to start a project with the help of Ray Berrot, soon. Also going to be contacting Mr. Wilson, since he has connections with the Fort couch middle school “tech team” and creating a way to help them transition to the high school smart desk.

This week I did not have any serious technological issues to fix other than a glitch in my laptops battery causing it to run slower than the schools library desktops, haha. I hate macs. Also a home printer network error, fixed simply by restarting.

Sorry I missed the meeting on Friday.