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Concluding 2016

Hello everyone:

I write this blog today concluding the 2015-2016 school year and my last year at Upper Saint Clair School District. To put it simply it’s been amazing. Nowhere else on the planet will I find such a gathering of smart people and future thinkers. At USC, we are truly innovating education. SMART desk, thought, is truly revolutionary. We founded a program where talented individuals can improve on their skills and understanding in an environment where everyone seems stuck trying to define themselves. 

Personally, I have learned so much about myself and working with other people that I wouldn’t trade my SMART desk experience for anything. For the future I believe that as long as the program keeps inspiring ingenuity to the right people, the program will flourish. As long as the right people are togeher in the right place, it cannot fail.

Thank you for such a great experience and year,

Alex Brufsky

Smart Desk Weeks 8, 9 and 10 (March 14-April 8)

I was diagnosed with mononucleosis on Tuesday, March 15th. Spring break was from Monday, March 21st to Monday, March 28th. I did not really attend school due to the mono until the middle of the week of April 4th. Therefore, I did not do SMART Desk activities until the week after that week. Expect a blog for next week. I am slowly recovering.

Have a nice week! Alex.

Smart Desk Week 7 (Feb 29 – Mar 4)

This week, as far as tickets and walk-ups go, was very slow in a similar way to last week. Yet, we did have a meeting, and, in fact, I had two meetings. For the first one, I met with Kevin, Mr. Beck, and Mr. Wilson to discuss the conference where all of the members of SMART desk will be presenting. We discussed what Kevin and I wanted to have in the presentation, and we discussed the themes on which to focus the slides. In the second meeting, we discussed current events of SMART desk including the new acronym, the new logo progress, and the upcoming conference. As far as walk-ups go, I did experience a couple, and most of the walk-ups were focused on printing problems. I feel like more people are starting to learn the paper-cut printing system so that they do not have to rely on the slow library computers, which they currently use to print their documents. All standards = met. Have a nice weekend!

Week 6 – February 21-26 (Alex Brufsky)

What a slow week! The only SMART desk stuff I did was help a couple walk-ups with some random questions. Otherwise, I guess I made a little progress of the radio frequency (RF) communication system for my fab lab project. Those little RF modules are so annoying to use… very unreliable. You live and you learn I guess. We have a SMART desk meeting next week so hopefully my symbolic SMART desk candle can be relit. All standards have been met I guess. Have a good week!

Smart Desk Post #5 (Feb 17-19)

Because of the weather conditions, this week was also a three day week. Once again, not much usually gets done in three school days. Even so, I met with Mr. Beck to figure out when Kevin and I will plan for the Conference Presentation at the AIU. Additionally, I worked on the wireless setup for my Fab Academy Certification project. I feel like I have fulfilled all of the standards for this week.

Smart Desk Blog #4 (Feb 8-10)

I had a giant trip this week so I had to skip Thursday’s day of school. Because of this absence, this week and the week after it ended up both being 3 days long. Not too much can be accomplished in 3 days, but this week, I feel like I was able to get some stuff done. For instance, over the weekend, I worked on my Fab Academy certification project (I added some updated parts to the extender arm). Otherwise, it was a pretty quiet week.

For some reason, the printers were taking an hour to print through papercut. I do not know what caused this, but it was very annoying and it seems to have been resolved.

Smart Desk Blog (February 1-5) #3

As far as Smart Desk goes, I have not done too much this week. Granted, we had a meeting on Thursday where we talked about the logo and basically brainstormed a rebranding of the program. We decided that “SMART Desk” is a very weak name, and that it does not accurately describe what the class is about. In other news, Kevin’s and my club, STEAM Outreach, is having its opening even today (Friday). All week I have been pretty consumed by that leaving very little time for SMART Desk. Nevertheless, I completed all of my standards this week.

Smart Desk Blog S2 #2 (Jan 29th)

This week was a slow week for all of smart desk: a low density of tickets and nobody needed help. Though, Mrs. Erwin did need help with her projector. 

We still have not received funding for the Smart Desk “desk.” I cannot wait until I can start building the desk. It is going to be such a fun project. 

Today I am going to receive a new computer, so I will most likely spend my weekend and Monday setting up all of my SMART Desk stuff on it. 

I believe I have fulfilled all of the standards for this week.

S2/Week 1 (1/19-1/23)

This week was the first week of the second semester. At the end of the first semester, the stress was overtaking me so I took a spiritual vacation. Now that I am back from my vacation, fresh as ever, I can begin to work on this semester’s load of interesting projects and ticket fixes. Although I did not complete any tickets this week, we had a meeting. It was the first meeting I had attended in possibly two months, and I am glad that I am back. We discussed the future of SMART desk, and talked about what is coming up soon. 

Man am I excited. Looking forward to a good semester.

( I guess I completed all of the sections of the standards as well.)