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Week #11 (or 11.5 or 12)

This week, I provided some feedback for the iPad/Securely testing. One point I highlighted was the importance of telling students what information can be tracked, especially for the one-on-one iPads. I value privacy, so if I know what is tracked, I won’t be linking my iMessages to the iPad.

Still working on getting a prototype of a possible implementation of the PLC meeting tracking mechanism on Google Forms.

Also, I strongly dislike AP testing week.

Sem 2: Combined 9,10,11

Not much has occurred recently in terms of SMART Desk. The AIU conference was cancelled, and I am still working on possibly better tracking mechanism for the PLC meetings. I have a meeting with Dr. Wagner, Mr. Wilson, and Mr. Beck on Friday to follow up our previous discussion about possible solutions to this problem. The reservation system and tutoring tracking system have held up well to users this year, so hopefully only minor changes and functionality improvements will be needed in the coming year.

Week 6

This past week I pushed the changes for the locator feature to the production server, so hopefully no issues arise there. I believe Tyler closed the ticket. Additionally, going to be working on a way to track the PLC meetings with Dr. Wagner, Mr. Beck, and Mr. Wilson.

ISTE Standards: All

Wrap Up

I am excited about the new desk at the front of the library. Currently, I am working on updating the reservation system with showing two previous reservations in the resource locator (which can also be viewed using the normal day view, but *cough* *cough* inconvenience *cough* *cough* laziness?) Should be done soon…(like Feb.)

In terms of outside SMART Desk work, I have helped set up the STEAM Outreach Club EXTEND Seminar event, which will happen on Feb. 5. We sent out in-school field trip permission slips to all the science curriculum teachers, so hopefully people sign up. I am also currently conducting research on bioinformatics and cancer immunology with a professor at UPCI.


ISTE Standards: I believe all?



Week 10 … or 11?

I am currently working on a cart locator feature for the reservation system, which will show the last known location of a cart based on the current time. It will be accessible with/without logging in to the actual system, which will make the process tons easier. I should have it completed by the end of this week (Friday), and we can start testing and possibly roll it out to the entire staff before winter break. As for documentation, I believe that it should be user-friendly enough so that detailed tutorials won’t be necessary. However, if teachers have any questions, I can definitely provide a short video explaining the tool.  ISTE Standards Used: I believe all


Additionally, I have been thinking about the club directory application, and perhaps an even bigger idea: an in-house learning management system. This idea is definitely far-fetched and probably won’t be possible until I graduate, but what if the SMART Desk designed their own form of Blackboard, but stripped down to the essential features teachers and students need, like accessing documents, links, and other resources. However, the system integrates with all other educational services, including blogging/journal platforms, socrative/kahoot, remind 101, clubs, and even MMS (grading and attendance). Obviously the cons of the system would be getting a 24/7 support team (like Blackboard), and whether or not it’s even necessary. Either way, it’s food for thought.


P.S. I believe this is the first lengthy blog post I have written. Kudos to me.

Combined Weeks 8, 9, 10 Blog Post

My apologies for forgetting to blog…

Nothing quite extraordinary has occurred recently; I did finish a basic admin view for the peer tutoring system, but I’ll try to work on a fully-featured one after finishing the cart tracking tool for easier lookup of cart locations. As mentioned in previous blog posts, these projects incorporate all of the ISTE standards in some way shape or form.

Combined Week 6 + 7 Blog Post

Now that the Peer Tutoring System is almost done, I have decided to start a new project, a club directory system, including an iOS and Android app. Some potential features:

  • List of all available clubs in school
  • For each club, leader/member contact information
  • Club events/calendar/notifications
  • Allows students to sign up for any clubs

Alex, Besselman, and I have talked about this with Mr. Beck and are open to making this project a multi-person effort, unlike the relatively individual efforts of the peer tutoring and reservation systems.

Week 5

The peer tutoring system is coming along (which as mentioned before, fits all of the ISTE standards). Unfortunately, due to the recent network updates, I was unable to work on the system this weekend.


#3: Nothing special, been too busy with AP Calc and AP Chem. Didn’t work on the tutoring system over the weekend due to a clean install of OS X El Capitan on my laptop.