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End of the Year Wrap up

I can’t believe the year is over already! It’s been great working with everyone at the Desk, and I hope all of us have a good summer. I won’t be joining us to work but for just a few weeks; I was accepted into a program at CMU for 7 weeks, starting on June 20th. It runs from 10-5 weekdays, and I’ll be doing all sorts of technological things at CMU with only about 30 other people. Other than that, I got an older Mac Pro from Tyler that I’ll be trying to hackintosh with better components. It will be a fun project.

These past few weeks I’ve been doing the norm, other than being asked for a Spoon or a Fork while out at the desk. Haha. On Thursday, I’ll be helping with filming graduation. Some one’s got to learn for next year right? Other than that, the end of the year hasn’t been too busy for me.

I hope to see some new faces at the desk next year, and I wish everyone an awesome summer!

Week of Feb 1-5

Last week was exceptionally normal…Minus the small increase in school work. I got 2 projects, both due on moday last week. I did not really do any SD work after then, and I also missed the meeting becasue of this. However, I did hear about what we talked about and saw the new logo. I also heard we where talking about a new name, and Rachel sugested “Tech Desk” because that is what we are known as by the general population of the school. Also helped a few techers with screen resolutions on that promethean boards. Nothing much else for last week. I used most ISTE standards last week.

Wrap up weeks 10-12

Over the past weeks mostly I hve been helping people that walk up to the desk or when I was in class and I helped my teachers. Also, I made a guide on how to print to Secure- still needs touching up, but for now its looking good. I did get a new MacBook Pro since the old one I had was very slow. Just yesterday I replaced a HD in a laptop, and I helped run AST on the COM-A laptops a week or so ago. Thats pretty much all that’s been happening the past weeks… And now it’s the Holidays! Woot! I used all ISTE Standards these past weeks. Happy Holidays!

Week 9 blog

This was a pretty straightforward week with Thanksgiving coming right around the corner. I helped out one of my teachers learning how to use Refletor, and some tricks with the Promethean boards. At the end of the week, I figured out my Partition table was broken on my laptop, so i had tyo copy the entire 193GB of my hard drive over to a backup drive, the format my SSD and re-install OS X. Sucessfully, I was able to fix it, and restore all of my files from the backup drive, with Tyler’s help. I used most of the ISTE Standards this week.

Week 8 Post

This week there was not too much that went on, but there was a pen issue with the board in 104-C and I got that fixed. Other than that, there wasn’t anything big that went on. In my free time, I am making a list of parts for a high-performance PC I want to build. So far, so good, just the price is a little higher than I expected. I used mostly all ISTE standards this week.

Week 7 – Idea for Club App

This week I mostly was helping Christine with the app she wanted to use on the school computer. The app for clubs would be a nice thing to have for club managers because they would be able to see who could come to the club meetings, and they could send out messages to the members for updates and other announcements. I think it was a good idea all around. I used most ISTE Standards this week.

This Week – Wylie

This week was kind of slow, I had attmpted to help Tyler a little bit with the Wi-Fi problems, and I mostly was returning or getting laptops that did not connect. I did notice that there haven’t been as many tickets sent into Smart Desk. Other than WiFI issues and fixing a broken mini-display port adapter, this was a slow week. I used mostly all of the ISTE standards this week.

Week 4 Post

Last week I was doing the normal stuff mostly; working on tickets and doing walk-ups. Other than that, It was a pretty slow week. At home, I was helping my dad fis his computer, as it keeps freezing and giving a blue-screen. We finally managed to back it up on an external HD, though. I was using mostly all of the ISTE Standards this week.

Week 3 Post – Wylie

This Week I have not been doing much with technology since I was out the previous Wed, Thurs, and Fri. I have been trying to catch up on my tests and homework. I did not use a standard this week since I was not doing much technology stuff. Outside of school I have been working with my Dad’s old computers we have at home, though. Hopefully next week I will get al caught up on my work, and have more technology encounters.