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Blog Post of the Seventh Week — USCHS Club App

The idea for this week was Kevin’s and mine together. Our idea was to create a club app for the school so that people could be more organized and aware of what is going on with clubs in our school. It would allow incoming freshman to join clubs from their iPads, and be notified when the clubs they are in are meeting. Also, it would allow for people to see who is in charge of which clubs, what they’re doing, and possibly vote for officers or something.

Blog Post 3

During the past few weeks, I’ve been working on an iOS app for my phone to help with a lot of the things that annoy me in the default iOS photos application. The goal is to be able to securely store pictures on your phone so that other people can’t look at all your pictures. The fact that people can do that has annoyed me for a while, so I decided to work on this project. So far, I’ve gotten some of the basic interface down, and the app allows the user to authenticate with either a numeric passcode or the builtin fingerprint scanner if the device has one. This relates to the ISTE standards because it requires creativity and innovation as well as a large deal of critical thinking and problem solving. Additionally, this relates to school because students could store things like homework agendas and answer keys on their phone, which is something that I currently do but it requires a separate app besides the standard homework application.

Blog Post #1

I haven’t done much yet, just getting used to the ticketing system and such. I’ve helped a few people with wifi issues and such, but nothing too huge as of yet. I’m still looking for a personal project of some sort, I haven’t been doing as much technologically lately, but I’ll try to pick something up sometime soon. That’s all that’s been going on for me so far, I’ve had a lot of other schoolwork as of yet.