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Last week of school. Wow. It really went fast.

These last few weeks, I have continued to work on solving the tickets that we get here and there. I have also finished testing of the comprehensive upgrade system that may allow teachers to upgrade their computers to the latest version of OS X, version 10.11 (El Capitan). The upgrade will also allow anyone using the system to update their Microsoft Office install to the latest version, Office 2016. Both Office 2016 and OS X 10.11 (El Capitan) bring some great new features as well as a few new and improved visual looks. Overall, the update is going to be an easy way for people to get the newest versions of the apps they use all the time and keep their system completely up to date.

On the desk front, I haven’t seen something built so slowly since they built our neighbour’s house over a period of about three and a half years. Hopefully we can get the desk done by the time I’m a senior in college! Seriously, though, I hope that we can get the desk finished as soon as possible. I am hoping that it is ready for the beginning of the coming year.

Over the summer, I will be here. I will be working with the Technology Department over the summer to do mainly the things that I have done over the last school year as well as prep iPads and computers.

Here’s hoping the summer is going to be fun and interesting for everyone!

Week 11 & 12

These last two weeks have been filled with testing. I have tested the Securly web filter system, and that testing has been, I believe, beneficial to the effort of figuring out the pros and cons of Securly. The other system I have been testing is a package that allows staff computers to seamlessly update their laptops to the latest version of OS X, which is OS X El Capitan. I have been working to provide updates to other applications at the same time in the same seamless manner. The other applications I am trying to update are Microsoft Office (2011 –> 2016), ActivDriver (15.11.7 –> 15.12.7), and the general look and feel of the USCSD computers by adding a new background to the login screen and other visual and functionality improvements. Hopefully, this update system will be available to staff by the middle to end of May. The only other testing I did over these last two weeks was the AP Computer Science test, which went very well I think.

Overall, these last weeks has been full of testing, and that is a good thing.

Week 11?

This week, I noticed that there were just a few more tickets in helpdesk, which is either a good or a bad thing. It seemed to be a good thing, though, as it gave us a little bit more to do. It still was a slow week in general though. This doesn’t mean that I got nothing done, however. One thing that got finished was an update to Observer, the district teacher observation app that allows administrators to fill out a district observation form. This update adds some new features, and I think many people will like them. They include editable reports, functionality improvements, etc.

I think that I have met the ISTE standards this week, and I hope next week is good.

Semester 2, Week 8

Now that we all have some more free time, let’s get going on tickets!

Oh, wait. There are none!

Oh well, this lack of tickets gives us a chance to prepare for the AIU conference at the end of March. We are getting ready to present the SMART Desk idea to educators from around Allegheny County. The presentation will cover SMART Desk, what we are, what we do, who we help, what projects we do, and other things about SMART Desk. I will be presenting on the “who we are” and “what we do” parts.

The wood to build the SMART Desk “Desk” has finally arrived ( :) ) and is waiting for us to make it into a desk, so that will be great when it is finished!

Week 7

This last week has been better with help desk, more tickets, more traffic to the desk, etc. I think that the increase in traffic is very good, and I think that we may be getting more people for 1:1 support. I have helped with many things this week, and I think that I have met the ISTE standards with helping out on tickets, solving issues with laptops, etc. This week has been very good for the SMART Desk, and I hope we continue to improve our traffic to the desk.

Week 7

This week has been a crazy week with all that has gone on. First, the TV studio broadcaster broke after it suffered a cooling fan failure. This means no video announcements until the system is brought back online, which hopefully will be Monday next week. I also noticed an increase in tickets in helpdesk this week. The musical is also ramping up, and once it is done and dusted, hopefully we can return to the normal amount of people we have, since we have kind of lost the full time attention of Tommy and Mike this week as they both work with the stage crew. I think that I have met the ISTE standards this week. Overall, I think this week has been a good week, and we have gotten many things done as well.

Week 6

This week was actually quieter than many other weeks. For the first time in a while, I was able to work on the app Observer to provide a few updates for it. This is all part of the ISTE standards, and I think that the slowness of helpdesk has not hindered productivity and time spent working on other technologies.

With this in mind, I think that I have met the ISTE standards this week.

Week 5 Semester 2

Last week was quiet like many other weeks, and we mostly dealt with the usual subjects for tickets. We have gotten a few new tickets straight¬† from students, so people actually do know how to contact us and where to find our website. These things are part of the ISTE standards for communication and collaboration, so it’s great that we are here to help people and students directly.

With this in mind, I think that I have met the ISTE standards this week.

Semester 2, Week 4

This week has been just like many other weeks, ticket wise. We have gotten a slow influx of tickets, some that needed worked on, some that self-resolved, etc. A recurring theme, just like always, is Promethean pen replacements. Unfortunately, they were back ordered for most of this week, but they did end up getting here on Friday.

I have not done much technology related stuff outside of school since I have an SAT on this coming Saturday, the 20th. I still do think that the ISTE standards apply to the work that I did over the last week with SMART Desk, though.

Week 15

During week 15, I noticed an increase in tickets due to printing issues. The influx of tickets was nothing that we couldn’t handle, and we are back down to our normal level of tickets. Most issues dealt with working on printers and that sort of thing.

I have written and deployed a small script to allow printers to be unpaused remotely, all the time, on all of the HS computers. This should help with the “printer is paused” issue that we have faced this week.

Overall I would say that in this week, SMART Desk has been very much normal. The ISTE standards apply for what I have done this week.