What is PaperCut? How can I use it?

PaperCut is the software that the school district uses to manage its printers, print users, and most printer-related things in our buildings. The school district has a website,, that can be used to print pages to a printer and to track the pages that you’ve printed recently. The school district’s printing website can only be accessed from one of the school’s computers or while connected to the school’s WiFi network.

How can I Web Print from PaperCut?

  1. First, navigate to and login using your network username and password.
  2. Once you’ve logged in, select “Web Print” from the tabs on the left. Then, select “Submit a Job”.
  3. Select the printer you’d like to print your document to. Highschool printers are prefixed with “HS-” and typically have the room number or general location in their names.
  4. Choose the number of copies you’d like to print.
  5. Upload your document for printing. PaperCut’s Web Print only accepts image files and PDF documents
  6. Head to the printer to retrieve your document.