Due to the size of the High School networks, a special procedure is required to allow you to use Reflector without a problem. This guide will walk you through how to set up your iPad and the Reflector app to successfully communicate.


1: Open System Preferences by clicking the option in the Apple menu.


2: Open the Bluetooth preference pane.


3: Open settings on your iPad


4: Find and open the Bluetooth menu in the Settings app


5: On your Mac, find the name of your iPad in the Bluetooth pairing list.


6: Click the “Pair” button. A code should appear on the screen.


7: Check your iPad’s screen for a code. The code on the iPad should match the code on the computer. If they do, tap “Pair” on the iPad.


8: Confirm that the device is connected to the computer. The device name should now say “connected” under it.


9: Open the Reflector app.


10: Open the Control Center on your iPad.


11: Tap “AirPlay Mirroring” and then select the name of your computer that is displayed in Reflector.


12: You should see your iPad screen on the computer screen. Congratulations! You are now done and ready to use Reflector!


Note: Whenever you would like to use Reflector, you do not have to re-pair your iPad and Computer. You can reconnect by just clicking on the computer name in the iPad’s Bluetooth settings.